MIND'S EYE - WALKING ON H2O....warning.....

Date:2006-02-05 10:09:59
The warning is that i am about to pimp the hell out of another disc. This rave is directed to the prog rock people here, and i know there are several of us....
Four years since the last Mind's Eye...so it better be worth the wait, no? Oh yes!
A concept album, spanning time, dealing with condition of earth and man. Buy it, (i believe 20 January is the release date), listen and get the specifics, because here i am going to deal more with the music and its presentation.
This is Daniel Flores' creation, and the man knows how to write songs that stay with you. I really hate to use the word "catchy", because it makes it sound like just another rock album, so let me use adjectives like epic, intricate, interesting, technically brilliant, and executed masterfully....and yep, hooky. There are so many wonderful elements to be unwrapped with your ears. Those who love Eastern influences in music as much as i do will be blown away by Sahara in an Hourglass. If you just have to have songs with pervasive impassioned melody lines, see if you can get Sacred Rules out of your head.
The vocals by Andreas Novack are clear, strong, and powerful. I am still finding it difficult to believe this is just three men, although with Daniel doing the keys and the drums (if you think you have no talent, you can blame Daniel..he got your share) and Johan Niemann on guitar and bass, three works quite handily.
I don't throw the term "masterpiece" around too often...but it really applies here. Mind's Eye already has an album called Work of Art...too bad, because that would have been the perfect title for this one...it truly is.
Having said that, I have only one minor complaint, and it is not a new one for me...i feel the need to say this every time a band puts any spoken bits on an album (though there isn't much of that, thankfully) PLEASE, just let the music tell the story. I might be in the minority on this, but I find non-music injections intrude on the flow of my enjoyment. i will keep saying this till i am blue in the face, and i know composers of concept albums will never listen to me, but there...i got it out of my system.
Between this, Lalu's Kailash, and Marcel Coenen's Colour Journey, Lion is off to a phenomenal start to the 2006 prog market.
PS: Ordinarily i wouldnt do a rave on a Sunday, because not that many people read the board on weekends, but I know i never seem to have time during the week to do mini-reviews, and i wanted to make sure i got the word out...i will bump the hell out of this myself if i have to.. :)
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