Re: Jag Panzer question

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2020-10-17 02:13:29
In Reply To:Jag Panzer question by Ilya
Is there a general consensus on which cd version of Ample Destruction is the best?
I guess it depends on what you mean by best. In terms of sound quality, it's probably best to find one of the original (legit) CDs: either the Grindcore one or the Metal Blade one. And I say that only because the newer ones are almost certainly "remastered" off one of those. It's possible that Mark still had the original master reels, and in that case, the latest High Roller reissue might sound best. If I had a little more free time tonight (busy prepping for a cub scout outing tomorrow) I'd give them all a spin, as I own them all.

But anyway, if you DON'T mean best in terms of sound, then DEFINITELY get the High Roller reissue. It has the original cover, and is an all-around gorgeous package, as all High Roller releases are.

The whackiest one is definitely the very first CD, which was a bootleg. It's got crazy cover art that was probably just stolen from Metal Hurlant.

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