Re: I really like Testament's FSSD

Date:2020-10-15 22:01:43
In Reply To:I really like Testament's FSSD by squarooticus
Destruction's "Thrash Anthems" is the only way I can stomach any of their pre-1990 material. Every original recording prior to Cracked Brain sounds so bad it makes Mayhem blush. The re-recordings really showcase that Destruction are - at least in my opinion - the most musically sophisticated of the popular German thrash bands.

One separate issue that Thrash Anthems has that Testament's FSSD doesn't is that Thrash Anthems is extremely loud in the loudness-wars sense. It might be the loudest CD I own. I don't consider it a big problem in this particular case because thrash music generally doesn't demand much in the way of dynamics or textural subtlety.
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