Re: I really like Testament's FSSD

Date:2020-10-15 13:53:34
In Reply To:Re: I really like Testament's FSSD by Nosferatwo
It's just hard for me to digest bad production: it interferes with my ability to enjoy the music.
I totally agree. I don't think I would like it anyway, but I won't even give stuff like "Kill Em All" another chance anymore, simply because I don't want to spend the time listening to something that sounds like that.

It's also why I haven't listened to either of the last two Baroness albums since the last one came out, even though they're really good. It isn't worth it.
I might feel differently if I grew up listening to awful production, but I didn't really start listening to music actively until ~1992, by which time almost everything new had at least reasonable production quality. I wasn't struggling to find music that I both liked and could tolerate sound-wise, which meant I had no reason to climb that particular hill. Why should I listen to Testament recording through a tin can and a string when I could listen to Megadeth or Maiden?

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