Re: My top 10 Pantera songs

Date:2020-10-14 23:29:01
In Reply To:Re: My top 10 Pantera songs by Michael Blevins
Michael Blevins proclaimed:
1. Walk.
2. The rest is shitful noise from a racist asshole.
I'd be okay asking "which one?" even though you mean Phil. Both Abbott brothers worked with David Allen Coe on his outlaw country bullshit.
the Pantera bassist never said anything in the history of the band, and Terry was probably fired for not being racist enough
Rex Brown also played with Anselmo in Down (2001-2011), and wrote a book about Pantera: Official Truth, 101 Proof The Inside Story of Pantera, released in 2014. It looks like he's got plenty to say.
Does these exonerate him as "the one Non-racist guy in the band"?
Racism I'm not sure about, but the one time I met him he was very concerned about there being "fags from the other bar" hanging out backstage, so there's that.
That doesn't bode well for his odds of being the only non-racist guy in the band. I haven't read his book. It seems rather poetic to steal a white supremacist's work from the dark web.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

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