Re: My top 10 Pantera songs

Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2020-10-14 21:17:07
In Reply To:My top 10 Pantera songs by John Frank
Does this really count since there are only 3 actual Pantera songs in the "we're on an actual label" era? ;)

I'll play anyway (we all know what records they're from):

1.) Domination
2.) A New Level
3.) Cemetery Gates
4.) Psycho Holiday
5.) Walk
6.) Primal Concrete Sledge
7.) This Love
8.) Fucking Hostile
9.) Heresy
10.) Rise

Astute readers will notice that it's the first five songs from two records, which is pretty much the entirety of their catalog that is listenable, in my mind. Everything else is either bad copies of the above, Van Halen ripoffs, mediocre attempts to be Judas Priest, or moderately humourous attempts to be more hardcore than Hatebreed while proclaiming their originality and lack of trendiness.

Pantera basically ruined vocals and melody in metal.

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