Re: My top 10 Pantera songs

Date:2020-10-14 16:39:26
Edited:2020-10-14 16:40:17
In Reply To:My top 10 Pantera songs by John Frank
1. Cememtary Gates <CFH>
2. Cowboys from Hell <CFH>
3. The Art of Shredding <CFH>
4. Hollow <VDoP>
5. This Love <VDoP>
6. Walk <VDoP>
7. Clash With Reality <CFH>
8. Regular People (Conceit) <VDoP>
9. Primal Concrete Sledge <CFH>
10. Fucking Hostile <VDoP>

Hearing about Anselmo's white power shitck is disappointing, though I doubt it's just an act for his hardcore base. Over the years I've revisited FBD, GTS, etc... but could never get into them. I like CFH, and some of the grooves in VDoP are excellent.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

“Whenever someone starts quoting the bible, I know they’re full of shit. People only bring out that goddammed thing when they want to justify immoral behavior."

"You sound like a fuckin' Hemingway."
"Fuck you, asshole."

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