Re: New and old:

Date:2020-10-08 19:06:24
In Reply To:New and old: by Nosferatwo
New Stuff:

Armored Saint - Punching The Sky

The sound more like Bush-era Anthrax than ever. I actually think that's a good thing. Bush era > Belladonna era.
I... Agree with you?

Lords Of Black - Alchemy Of Souls

Boring stuff. They sound disinterested, and I don't buy for a second this record was so amazing Romero had to rejoin the band. I firmly believe he's only back because none of his other projects caught on.

Dan Swano - Moontower

Proving to myself once again it's not harsh vocals I hate, but the lazy writing that usually comes with them.
Hortative! Moontower is brilliant.
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