Re: Another audiophile thread

Date:2020-10-08 11:57:46
In Reply To:Re: Another audiophile thread by BumZen
BumZen proclaimed:
How do you like those PXC 550?
I love them. Wearing headphones while working at a desk can be fatiguing without the right setup. I used Grado SR60 for years because they were so dang comfortable and had great performance/cost ratio. The PXC 550 are a good wireless replacement for those for the same reasons. They've got vastly superior sound over the AirPods (which, for me, are only really suited for running & lifting & biking & whatnot). They aren't soundproof but they do block out a lot of ambient noise. I've been working in my basement since March so that aspect is an added bonus. They're lightweight enough to wear them 5-6 hours a day on the days when I'm allowed to do actual work and not just talk about work incessantly like governments do. If I only get to use them when working, then I only have to charge them once a week - plug them into the USB at the end of the day on Friday. I'm mostly over the hermit zombie obsessive listening phase, but when I do get alone time - they are great for the more dynamic music like classical or 70's prog. A friend of mine is a sound guy at his megachurch and an attentive listener, and he's got these $1500 headphones from Focal that are unbelievable in terms of sound. They can unpack very dense recordings like pop stuff by Humberto Gatica and make it sound totally different, but that level of investment has never been my thing. Maybe if I lived alone.

BumZen proclaimed:
Why are soundbars crappy?
They sacrifice quality for space. The high end and low end of spectrum isn't reproduced well at all. They're suited for casual listening in giant open rooms in McMansions, but that's about it. If I were to lose myself in something like Bach's Mass in B Minor, I'd never do it with the soundbar. It doesn't do the music justice. For loud overcompressed music like everything in the popular space and all metal, they're about as good as listening in a car with the windows open. Since I don't drag out the weird stuff for guests, the soundbars are functional. And compact.
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