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Date:2020-10-08 08:10:37
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What say the PM:X^2 hivemind?
I can hear the difference between good production and bad production. I can hear the difference between good sound reproduction vs bad sound reproduction. But I don't value either in my listening. I like good musicianship, good singing, and, especially, good song-writing. I like lots of genres, and metal might be the one where production and reproduction matters least. All of my music is on my 512 Gb iPhone which is my primary player, connected to Apple AirPods when on the go and Sennheiser PXC 550 bluetooth cans when working or chilling in the crib. It's also on my desktop computer and assorted laptops. At family gatherings, I will play music on crap ass Bose and Samsung sound bars inside, and a really crap ass Logitech UE mobile boombox when on the patio. On the road, it's whatever system is in my Toyota Highlander. Good enough for me.
How do you like those PXC 550? I like the clean sound that Sennheiser often reproduces, but I've tried a few Sennheiser headphones myself, and have always been dissapointed with their value for money as well as I feel they lack a certain "oomph" in their sound. Some weird design choices on top has left me annoyed with them. I own a pair of 450 BT (midrange, nothing fancy) and a pair of Momentum True Wireless (battery and control is a big problem), but have considered trying the Momentum pair to compare to my B&O Beoplay H9i, which are fantastic and by far the best bluetooth headphones I've tried.
I've tried the Sony wh-1000xm2, and was happy with the value for money, but they've overemphasized the bass and the ANC seems a bit too aggressive for me (weird, I know).
So, if you have any comparison, how are they d

Why are soundbars crappy? If it's just for social gatherings, nobody really listens to the lack of dynamics anyways. And most people don't even care. My wife used to claim a shitty bluetooth speaker was just as good as a proper stereo setup, only difference being the volume. We almost went our separate ways that day.
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