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Date:2020-10-07 13:16:59
Edited:2020-10-07 13:19:10
In Reply To:Re: Another audiophile thread by T.J. Swoboda
Isn't there a DAC in the Cambridge? Meaning you would only need to hook it up to an amp, and hook that up to your speakers?
Is there a very specific reason you're picking the Cambridge instead of a Bluesound for example?
Wifi transfers sound better than Bluetooth,
It's more accurate to say that wifi has higher bandwidth than bluetooth, so you can use a better encoding. Bluetooth encodings can be decent, but are not as good as what you can do over a conventional network layer for IP.
Ethernet in turn better than Wifi.
This is not true. Wired ethernet has more reliable throughput, but wifi (especially 5 GHz, with lower range and less contention) has more than enough bandwidth for even uncompressed Red Book audio (1.4 Mb/s).
This is where some will say that bits are bits and any improvement is all in the listener's head. I'd certainly be up for doing a double-blind test.
You should absolutely audition such a purchase. The one that sounds best to you is what you should get.

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