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Date:2020-10-07 06:29:44
In Reply To:Re: Another audiophile thread by T.J. Swoboda
Isn't there a DAC in the Cambridge? Meaning you would only need to hook it up to an amp, and hook that up to your speakers?
Is there a very specific reason you're picking the Cambridge instead of a Bluesound for example?
Wifi transfers sound better than Bluetooth,
Fair point.
Ethernet in turn better than Wifi.
Does it? I just thought it was more stable?
I'm sure the Cambridge has its own DAC, but a separate one would be better. Before the DAC, having a DDC do the handoff from Ethernet to S/PDIF improves things again.

This is where some will say that bits are bits and any improvement is all in the listener's head. I'd certainly be up for doing a double-blind test.
You probably know a lot more about this than I do. I would've probably just tested out the integrated dual DAC before making my setup more complex than needed. And yes, it's all subjective.

I'm not an audiophile by the classical sense, but I do care a lot about proper sound, and can be quite picky. I've always preferred a simple setup myself though: Amp + speakers. Hooked up is two CD players and a streamer (which sucks. I need to upgrade)

I have a pair of DALI Opticon 5 floor speakers. I wanted Opticon 6, but our small livingroom didn't help the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) nor does it do justice to the bigger speakers. I have them hooked up (bi-wire) to a NADC368, and for headphones I often use the classic Beyer Dynamic 770 Pro. It all suits my needs perfectly, which I think is the only thing that matters.
Sounds a lot better than where I'm at. :)
A pair of proper speakers does wonders, but it sounds like you make most of your listening on headphones, which is awesome.
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