Re: Another audiophile thread

Date:2020-10-06 09:02:38
In Reply To:Another audiophile thread by T.J. Swoboda
We've had these discussions before, but I'm finding only a couple of them and not the ones that stand out in my memory. Recently I bought a decent set of headphones (HiFiMan HE400S), and my dad gave me his portable DAC (iFi Nano). I've been enjoying it for the past two weeks, but only today did I rip Metallica's black album to FLAC and give that a listen. I've heard for a long time what great sound Bob Rock got here, and as critical as I've been of the album musically I knew I should give it a listen on decent equipment.

Ho-lee crap. As sick as I am after twenty-nine years of Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven and Nothing Else Matters, this is breathing new life into them. I've never really liked Sad But True (crunch, crunch, I'm your crunch, crunchity-crunch-crunch-crunch-crunch ), but listening to it now I'm amazed at the clarity and all that's standing out.

I'm thinking about putting together a component system somewhere down the line. What kind of equipment are you guys using? I've had a set of Vandersteen speakers for the better part of three decades; they're currently hooked up to a Denon integrated amp (AVR-S520BT). I'm thinking about this Cambridge streamer, run through a preamp, DDC and DAC. What say the PM:X^2 hivemind?
Isn't there a DAC in the Cambridge? Meaning you would only need to hook it up to an amp, and hook that up to your speakers?
Is there a very specific reason you're picking the Cambridge instead of a Bluesound for example?

I'm not an audiophile by the classical sense, but I do care a lot about proper sound, and can be quite picky. I've always preferred a simple setup myself though: Amp + speakers. Hooked up is two CD players and a streamer (which sucks. I need to upgrade)

I have a pair of DALI Opticon 5 floor speakers. I wanted Opticon 6, but our small livingroom didn't help the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) nor does it do justice to the bigger speakers. I have them hooked up (bi-wire) to a NADC368, and for headphones I often use the classic Beyer Dynamic 770 Pro. It all suits my needs perfectly, which I think is the only thing that matters.
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