Date:2020-10-05 17:13:00
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I remember him now.
I almost forgotten all about him.
This is going back to late 90s.
A very scuzzy, sleazy, cowardly character. Definitely a perv. A creep. Very sceavy and gross. He was fatter then and still had some semblance of hair, if I recall right...

I remember he started coming to this neighborhood gym in Bay Ridge and apparently stalking someone close to me...she was grossed out and stopped going. I...anyway, I saw red. I used to drink heavily back then, and my whole demeanor was way more confrontational, if you can believe that. So, next time I saw him, I was gonna tear him up. I think it was the Wetlands. He denied it up and down, and tried to buy me off with drinks, which only made me madder...I don't remember all the details, but he was saved somehow, and I didn't get thrown out or barred from venues, or anything...anyway, that was the last time I remember seeing him around...I honestly forgot this person still existed.

Uhhh, I need to wash my hands from this crud.
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