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Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2020-10-05 13:16:11
In Reply To:John Finberg. Discuss by Joe-×
Apparently the worst person in the metal world at abusing insignificant bands since Tom Argo!
For a while, he had a stranglehold on metal booking in the US. Tom Argo fucked with the likes of Cloudscape, while Finberg got to make choices about who opened for Cynic or Iced Earth. The bands Finberg booked were insignificant in the way that we're all insignificant and nothing matters, but in the way that actually matters, they were pretty significant.
Everyone knew. Nobody knew.
I've spent plenty of time around a lot of people who had to work closely with this guy: label people, roadies, bands, etc, and I never met anyone who ever said a nice thing about him, but I also never, in all the Finberg bitch sessions to which I was a party, heard anyone suggest he made a habit of sexually harassing women. That's not to say that it wasn't known by anyone, or even the people I talked to, but Ifeel like if EVERYONE knew, then I probably would have heard at least the rumors. So, he was at least better at hiding his crimes than Harvey Weinstein. I met him on at least one occasion, and he was wearing a shirt that said something like, "Who am I? I'm John Fucking Finberg!" Real cuntwear. And he had the gall to put them up for sale (!!!) with the bands' merch!
"booking titan" What a joke.
Commentary courtesy of a guy who hasn't been to a metal show in a decade.
Total sleazebag it sounds like.
This much is known to be true! Sleazy to the core.

That Metal Sucks article is pretty intense, and it's actual metal journalism. I didn't believe such a thing really existed. Good on them.
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