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Date:2020-10-05 11:10:14
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Apparently the worst person in the metal world at abusing insignificant bands since Tom Argo!

Why are you bringing that name back?
As contrast. This board freaked out about that guy, but never really understood him. He was relatively harmless. Like Keith Menser, he was a bungling idiot with aspirations far beyond his capabilities. My theory is never ascribe to malice what can just as well be explained by incompetence.
Argo wasn't MUCH of a problem. He was just a swarm of mosquitos. Finberg ... Murder Hornet


The bad thing about being more than three standard deviations above mean intelligence is that damn near everyone that one encounters is a total moron. The good thing about it is that one can safely assume that when a person fails it's most likely because they're just not that bright - not that they're some evil scammer.

Tom and Keith over-promised and under-delivered. This Finberg guy delivered with a copious side order of sexual assault and/or harassment. Bands will put up with a dude who rapes their women if he gets them top bookings, but will not put up with a well-meaning goof who doesn't advance their career.
Bands, venues, audiences. Who cares unless the bar goes dry?
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