How Often Do You Listen?

Date:2020-09-08 20:15:41
To a new album you like, in particular. Bad albums can easily be discarded in one listen, and the mediocre stuff doesn't get a lot of attention either. But what about the ones you like?

I find it a good test of which albums I really love, because as is the case right now, certain ones I will listen to practically daily for a couple of weeks on end when I get them. I'm on one of those binges right now, and it got me thinking about whether such monopolization of my time is a contributing factor to the number of releases I wind up saying I love at the end of the year. Obviously, if that is the standard I put forth, I'm not going to be able to love fifty or a hundred albums in a year. I don't have time for it.

But I think there's something to be said for so much repeated listening in a short time. If the album doesn't grow stale with that much exposure, it tells me it's the sort of album that is almost guaranteed to stand the test of time. I haven't had many I've gone through a binge like that with which later turned out to fade away.

I just don't see how I, speaking for myself only, can feel passionately enough about a record to put it on lists if I've only listened to it a small handful of times.

What about you?
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