Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff - September 3 2020

Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2020-09-06 18:05:23
Edited:2020-09-07 08:39:36
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff - September 3 2020 by Kevin Madden
Kevin Madden proclaimed:
Metal Church - Blessing in Disguise
Metal Church - The Human Factor
I used to really like this, but now it's like an old man ranting about things and making songs. They're pissed rappers use samples, they're pissed people are poor, they're pissed people bad-mouth America, they're pissed kids commit suicide, they're pissed people try to censor musicians, they're pissed kids are abused, they're pissed they're alcoholics. I don't know man, it's like a big long after-school special.
LOL... But I do see your point. As far as "Date with Poverty" goes though, the message I always got out of it is that the guy in the song is a fucking deadbeat; I didn't think it was supposed to be sympathetic towards him. But then on...

Kevin Madden proclaimed:
Metal Church - Hanging in the Balance
...we have "Losers in the Game," which I wonder if they might have written because of what so many people got out of DWP. People end up in bad situations largely through no fault of their own, which is what I get out of LitG. DWP has always been about a loser bouncing checks and waiting to win the lottery, by my interpretation. #tangent

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Troll's Hole proclaimed:
Oh mighty dictator of the spider's lair
Why are the smilies appropriate?
Your horse drawn wagon is as inexpensive as a London unforunate
Who can you please when your tree house of diamonds collapses?
Its ladder being pulled away by the children who won't grow
Unleash the lizard
Squash the rebellion, for they mean to commit highway robbery
Turn their words into incomprehensible letters
Prisoners of the physical realm
Only the arms of the bear can save them now
But the ref pulls out the red card
The crab of the downward spiral eats ravioli and ejaculates corrupt Linux files
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