Re: Just wanted to stop in and say Hi

Date:2020-09-04 21:06:51
In Reply To:Re: Just wanted to stop in and say Hi by BenMech
Hey Ben, yep I'm back home in Texas. Dubai was last year, and that was a pretty cool experience. (But I doubt they'll ever see polar ice cubes there :D )

The weather has been very hot, and not that much rain. It rained today, thankfully.

Lately, I've been wanting to install a nice speaker/sound system in my home... maybe one of those multi-zone deals... but I'm not one of those audiophiles who understand all that... But I'm starting to research it now. Should be a fun project. :)
But aside from working a lot and dealing with warranty repairs on my home, that's about all that I'm up to now...

How are you doing?


"The end of all good music is to affect the soul." - Claudio Monteverdi
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