Re: Just wanted to stop in and say Hi

Date:2020-09-03 19:47:33
In Reply To:Just wanted to stop in and say Hi by Alex
But one thing I noticed: If I throw on some music, my blood pressure, and chest pains, tend to drop significantly. So, I haven't grown too old for music. And it still brings me peace and happiness. :D
You know, there's something to that. I've had a work-week from hell, the continued record heat and no rain is killing the trees in my yard, I'm going stir-crazy...last night I was at the height of stress, nursing a headache, feeling out of control...and somehow I absentmindedly started going down a YouTube rabbit-hole of Triumph and Rik Emmett stuff. And the stress and headache melted away, and I found it hard to tear myself away to go to bed because I was actually enjoying myself for the first time that I could remember. I guess I got the Magic Power of the music in me (ha, sorry, couldn't resist).
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