Re: Fine, just spoil it for everyone :-) ...

Date:2020-09-02 11:28:56
In Reply To:Fine, just spoil it for everyone :-) ... by 5150
I am sure most people on this board are saying who? Albert was their old drummer who left in 1981 but still makes occasional appearance with the band.
Drummer, IMPORTANT SONGWRITER, occasional lead singer, guitarist. RARELY appears with the band, brother of Joe

Speaking of which, he and the band look and sound great on the recent DVD/Blu Ray for the 45th Anniversary of Agents of Fortune. Recorded live in 2016 in the studio with a very small audience. Of course, being in the studio and with time to set it up perfectly, the sound production is excellent. Yet, that's not a crutch, since they still perform it live.
That's not the only live anniversary BOC release. Frontiers Records is actually putting some effort with the band.
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