Re: new Blue Oyster Cult music - The Symbol Remains

Date:2020-08-29 18:38:41
In Reply To:new Blue Oyster Cult music - The Symbol Remains by 5150
For fans of AOR and those that enjoy a classic sound and voice. Nothing earth-shattering or cutting edge. Just two fun songs with guitars up front.

I am not a Blue Oyster Cult purist that's going to argue there was only one classic line-up and period. Like any band, they have their good, bad and mediocre songs and albums through the years. Today I think there are only two original members left. But so what, I think they sound good and I like these new songs.
You are correct. Eric and Buck remain. Allan passed away. The Bouchard Bros have solo careers (Joe Bouchard has a new album!). Sandy Pearlman passed away. The new three are good to great. Eric sounds . . thinner, but not less sharp. Buck sounds like Buck, guitarwise and vocally.
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