Re: Metal in 2020 - What do you like so far?

Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2020-05-21 15:46:38
In Reply To:Metal in 2020 - What do you like so far? by John Frank
Ambush - Infidel/ traditional metal
Caligula's Horse - Rise Radiant/ modern prog metal
Good band. Good record.
Dark Fortress - Spectres from the Old World/ melodic black
I should really make more of an attempt to get into these guys.
Divine Chaos - The Way to Oblivion/ thrash
Now on the listen list.
Dynazty - The Dark Delight/ melodic metal
Solid. A touch better than the last.
Dyssidia - Costly Signals/ modern prog metal
Djent, although it's good-ish Djent. The singer is less whiny than usual.
Fury - The Grand Prize/ traditional metal
Still haven't got to this. I should fix that.
Haunt - Mind Freeze/ traditional metal
I like this band, but don't love them.
Hazzerd - Delirium/ thrash
Also on the listen list.
H.E.A.T. - H.E.A.T. II/ hard rock
A little light, but it works.
Igorrr - Spirituality and Distortion/ avant-garde metal
I cannot decide if I actually like this band or not.
Intense - Songs of a Broken Future/ American power
On the list.
Intronaut - Fluid Existential Inversions/ modern prog metal
Less djent, more post. Still good.
Ironflame - Blood Red Victory/ traditional metal/power
I don't recall liking their previous output, but on the list.
Lör - Edge of Eternity EP/ folky power
I'm way behind on listening, obviously.
Testament - Titans of Creation/ thrash
Good. Skolnick is great on it.
Traveler - Termination Shock/ American power
I was also disappointed in this.

Cirith Ungol - Forever Black/ traditional metal
I found this to be enjoyable, but a tad forgettable.
Exiled on Earth - Non Euclidean/ American power/death
Eh. Didn't thrill me.
Holycide - Fist to Face / thrash
Initial listen was OK.
Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet/ traditional metal
I am disappoint. Especially after the "hype".
Psychotic Waltz - The God-Shaped Void/ progpower
Good for what it is. The band didn't even seem to understand that people wanted more songs from the first two at PPUSA, though, so it was what I expected.
Runescarred - The Distant Infinite/ semi-prog American power
Tidal Dreams - Access Denied/ melodic metal
I thought this was OK.
Ulcerate - Stare Into Death and Be Still/ complex blackened death
I like this band better in concept than execution, I think.
Veritates - Killing Time / American power
Vision of Choice - Mistress of the Gods/ American power/traditional metal
This was OK.
Vulkan - Technatura/ modern prog metal
More djent? Are we softening up, Mr. Frank?
Warbringer - Weapons of Tomorrow/ thrash
Another band I like better in concept than execution. Their albums are fine, I just seldom listen to them more that 3-4 times.

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