Re: Metal in 2020 - What do you like so far?

Date:2020-05-20 16:10:31
In Reply To:Metal in 2020 - What do you like so far? by John Frank
Here is what I have so far this year.

Top Tier (24)

Ambush - Infidel/ traditional metal
Very good indeed.
Aronious - Perspicacity/ complex death
Don’t recall hearing this.
Caligula's Horse - Rise Radiant/ modern prog metal
Haven’t got round to this but this could be my first liked album from this band.
Divine Chaos - The Way to Oblivion/ thrash
Why don’t I recall hearing this.
Dynazty - The Dark Delight/ melodic metal
Absolutely killer.
Dyssidia - Costly Signals/ modern prog metal
Yes I heard a song from this and I want to hear the rest but haven’t got round to it yet.
Frogg - A Reptilian Dystopia EP/ complex death
Very killer.
Fury - The Grand Prize/ traditional metal
You know I haven’t even got round to listening to this I think I liked the songs that I heard and then I never listened to the album I just got listening to 1,000,001 other things.
Haunt - Mind Freeze/ traditional metal
I just don’t know why I can’t get into this band. Sounds good but I just can’t get into it.
Hazzerd - Delirium/ thrash
H.E.A.T. - H.E.A.T. II/ hard rock
I haven’t checked but is this the first album you’ve liked from Heat? If so welcome on board what took you so long!
Intense - Songs of a Broken Future/ American power
Yes I like this one but I was expecting more actually.
Ironflame - Blood Red Victory/ traditional metal/power
Very solid effort.
Lör - Edge of Eternity EP/ folky power
Never heard but intrigued.
Quasarborn - A Pill Hard to Swallow/ thrash
Testament - Titans of Creation/ thrash
Both solid.
Traveler - Termination Shock/ American power
Slightly disappointing.

Bottom Tier (49)
Ad Infinitum - Chapter I - Monarchy/ symphonic power
Nice pick Mr Frank.
Arcaine - As Life Decays/ thrashy death
Never heard of this but I checked it out and the song I heard was good so thanks for the tip.
BAD As - Crucified Society/ hard rock
Nice. They may be unknowns but they are very cool.
Bitterness - Dead World Order/ thrashy death
Just heard it yesterday for the first time very good easily makes my list.
Brutalody - Divine Right of Kings/ symphonic death
Very solid death metal with melody
CCD - Winter in Paradise/ hard rock
Wow you’re getting really soft in your old age Mr Frank these years of catching up with you bro.
Chronus - Idols/ mainstream metal/hard rock
Don’t recall hearing this. Not even a song.
Cirith Ungol - Forever Black/ traditional metal
Yeah this is not my cup of tea I just didn’t like this.
Cryptic Shift - Visitations from Enceladus/ complex death
I’ve actually seen these guys live and they were really tight but I didn’t like this album Mr Frank. what’s wrong with me?
Dead End Finland - Inter Vivos/ melopowerdeath
I haven’t heard this.
Decaying Purity - Mass Extinction of the Providential Ones/ complex death
I didn’t like this Mr Frank sorry. Lol!
Deviant Syndrome - Wrecking the Void EP/ thrashy melodeath
Not heard Mr.
Eremic - Transform/ melodic groove metal
This one I went to YouTube to check a song. It was good enough for me to try the whole thing so thanks again.
Exiled on Earth - Non Euclidean/ American power/death
I didn’t like the sampling I did on YouTube.
Exlibris - Shadowrise/ melodic metal
For some reason I didn’t really like the samples.
Holycide - Fist to Face / thrash
Thrash mayhem goodness.
Hyperdontia - Excreted from the Flesh EP/ death
Haven’t heard a note.
Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet/ traditional metal
Yeah this is another one where I didn’t like the sampling it was okay but I never got the urge to listen to the whole thing.
The Lotus Throne - Reverie/ melodeath
I think I tried a sample of this but it’s another one where I lost track.
Pestifer – Expanding Oblivion/ semi-complex death
Yeah it’s okay not my favourite.
Psychotic Waltz - The God-Shaped Void/ progpower
Didn’t try this just not into this band.
Runescarred - The Distant Infinite/ semi-prog American power
Never heard a note.
Shards of Humanity - Cold Logic/ thrashy death
Not heard Mr Frank.
Sölicitör - Spectral Devastation/ American power/speed
Yeah I tried this it’s okay but I never got round to the whole thing it didn’t fully excite.
South Haven - Motion/ mainstream metal
Wow good to see this here you are excepting the poppy melodies well Mr Frank!
Subtype Zero - Ceremonious Extinction EP/ thrash
Not heard a note mister.
Tidal Dreams - Access Denied/ melodic metal
Wow that’s good to see. Another big surprise melodic metal band.
Ulcerate - Stare Into Death and Be Still/ complex blackened death
Just not into this band though although I will admit I haven’t actually heard a note.
Veritates - Killing Time / American power
Nice pick bro.
Vision of Choice - Mistress of the Gods/ American power/traditional metal
Oh yes! Fantastic choice.
Vulkan - Technatura/ modern prog metal
Tried to bits and pieces. Didn’t float my boat.
Warbringer - Weapons of Tomorrow/ thrash
Yes it’s rock solid . It’s a good thrash metal album but something stops me from fully loving it.

As for my lists well you see my monthly posts on the power zone so just follow those which you already do lol! When June is up I’ll do a six month round up no doubt.

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