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Date:2020-05-17 14:38:34
In Reply To:Re: Band Eras by Jer

- Gothic/Traditional era (Return In Bloodred and Lupus Dei): My favorite era for the band, mostly on the strength of Lupus Dei. This is dark, gothic, melodic metal done right. Great baritone singing, great use of the pipe organ, great guitar work. RIB is a bit raw, but LD nails this sound perfectly, and no other band has sounded quite like this. I wish they’d stayed on this path.

- Identity Crisis era (Bible Of The Beast and Blood Of The Saints): These albums had the sound of a band that didn’t quite know which direction they wanted to go. Some songs were pale retreads of better Lupus Dei tracks, while others experimented with absurdly silly lyrics and major-key power metal stylings. And a number of songs were just bland and uninspired. I only come back to a handful of songs from these albums, and Blood Of The Saints is probably the band’s nadir.

- Power Metal era (Preachers Of The Night to present): The band finally decided to go all in on power metal, while keeping the baritone vocals and constant pipe organ that helped to define their sound. This happier version of the band avoided retreading past glories and focused on big hooks instead. As they continued down this path they did start to retread ground in their new style a bit, but each album has had at least a few killer tracks that carved out some new ground. My second favorite era of the band.

- Jer
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