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Date:2020-05-16 21:50:23
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Nosferatwo proclaimed:
Iron Maiden (reunion era): The 80s stuff is good, but I prefer the reunion stuff. Whenever I go to listen to Iron Maiden, it's going to be one of these records. Not only are they the ones I have more experience with, but I find the band has developed a better melodic sense, at least when Harris isn't cramming an entire novel into a song.
I’m hit and miss with the reunion albums. It seems like they alternate back and forth between good ones and weaker ones (BNW, AMOLAD, and TBOS being good, and DOD and TFF having issues), which unfortunately means that the new one is slated to be weaker if the pattern holds.
Bruce Dickinson ('trilogy' era): Iron Maiden is good, but I think Bruce's last three solo albums are even better. When Roy and Adrian teamed up, they established a killer sound that let Bruce be Bruce, but was heavier and chunkier. The solo albums before "Accident Of Birth"..... those are hugely underwhelming.
Partially agree. Tyranny Of Souls has no participation from Adrian Smith and it shows. It has a few brilliant tracks, but also some pretty obvious filler, and it doesn’t have the finesse that Adrian usually brings to anything he touches. Accident Of Birth and The Chemical Wedding are both excellent, though.

Also, Skunkworks is a really great album overall with a few weaker tracks on it — you just have to approach it with an open mind and give it a chance. I think “Solar Confinement”, “Innerspace”, “Inside The Machine”, and “Strange Death In Paradise” are among Bruce’s best songs, and there are plenty more strong tracks on offer there too.

- Jer
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