Re: Green Carnation - Leaves of Yesteryear

Date:2020-05-16 11:56:26
In Reply To:Re: Green Carnation - Leaves of Yesteryear by Rob.K
Hey Ben its early on but i still prefer the last 2 In The Woods lp over this outing..
I like the 2 new Woods albums as well, but it's a new vibe there.

its sure is slick
Is "slick" pejorative"? Not everything needs to be grinding raw.

on another note..2 spins on the new Paradise
Lost album and its not jumping out at me..
Obsidian is really paint-by-numbers bullshit. It starts promisingly with 2 songs, and then Ghosts is a ripoff and it never gets better from there, 2 bonus tracks included.

As there
last 2 outings were great doom inspired this new one is like all their albums thrown into 1 album and it kind of hits and misses...oh well back to the headphones
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