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Date:2020-05-15 18:25:36
In Reply To:Band Eras by Nosferatwo
Iron Maiden (reunion era): The 80s stuff is good, but I prefer the reunion stuff. Whenever I go to listen to Iron Maiden, it's going to be one of these records. Not only are they the ones I have more experience with, but I find the band has developed a better melodic sense, at least when Harris isn't cramming an entire novel into a song.

Rainbow (Dio era): The first album is just ok, but "Rising" and "Long Live Rock N Roll" are all-time classics, and yet I can't care in the slightest for anything that Turner or Bonnet (or Doogie) did with the band. It's Dio or nothing.

Black Sabbath (Dio era): Same thing here. All three albums Dio made with Sabbath are easily my top three. They became an entirely different band, and after hearing them with Dio, going back to Ozzy is such a step down.

Bloodbound (Urban Breed era[s]): The two albums Urban made with Bloodbound are great. The first one is a great Maiden tribute, and "Tabula Rasa" still sounds more modern than anything power metal is doing now. Everything else they've done is boring by comparison. These are as gimmicky as the rest of their career, but done so much better.

Bruce Dickinson ('trilogy' era): Iron Maiden is good, but I think Bruce's last three solo albums are even better. When Roy and Adrian teamed up, they established a killer sound that let Bruce be Bruce, but was heavier and chunkier. The solo albums before "Accident Of Birth"..... those are hugely underwhelming.

Green Day ("Warning"/"American Idiot"): The early Green Day stuff is too primative and punk, and everything after has been schizophrenic and often lazy, but these two albums are the best that whole pop/punk scene ever came up with. It' a shame it didn't last longer.

Killswitch Engage (Howard era): They don't actually change things up, but they come across like a completely different band with Jesse. Completely worse, too.

Jimmy Eat World ("Bleed American"/"Futures"): These two albums are great, with the latter becoming one of my favorites ever. They then went into too much dream-pop stuff, and only recaptured the spirit for the "Integrity Blues" album, so everything after "Futures" is largely forgettable.

I would throw Weezer on the list, but I've come to the conclusion now they have always sucked.
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