Re: almost 8 pm on Thursday night . . .PMX2 Weekly Soundoff Thread

Date:2020-05-08 16:15:03
In Reply To:almost 8 pm on Thursday night . . .PMX2 Weekly Soundoff Thread by BenMech
Nuclear Assault - Game Over
Nuclear Assault - Handle with Care

Reliving some joys of my youth with NA. I'm amazed how I ever tolerated Connelly's voice, but it has its charm. Watching recent shows on Youtube, he hasn't lost anything of his shriek!

Stygian Crown - "Up from the Depths"

great doom and I'm looking forward to the whole thing.

Gothic Stone - Haeriticus Empyreum

Italian doom that features the original vocalist of Doomsword. Cool vibe with some organ and Latin.

Candlemass - Nightfall


Tyrant - Hereafter

Ok, I love Robert Lowe's voice, but the production on this album is awful. I couldn't get through a few songs, as my ears were bleeding. I'm not sure there's any memorable material on this album of old geezers. I believe Von said they were awful live, and I believe it.
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