Re: almost 8 pm on Thursday night . . .PMX2 Weekly Soundoff Thread

Date:2020-05-08 11:54:18
In Reply To:Re: almost 8 pm on Thursday night . . .PMX2 Weekly Soundoff Thread by Alberto
I'll join in, after ages of lurking mode...

Heavy rotation:

- Leprous / Pitfalls (and The Congregation, and Malina: somehow, their latest one made me rediscover their other post-Coal material, which I never appreciated that much)
Somedays I like their albums after Bilateral, and some other times I get my ears cleaned

- Hail Spirit Noir / Mayhem in Blue (this one totally won me over; looking forward to their upcoming new album)
One of those bands in the Arcturus spirit of Avant-Garde Blackmetalness I inconsistently check out. Maybe I'll go to them again soon.

- Anciients / Voice of the Void
COVID aside, overdue for a new album.

Other listens from my collection:

- Amorphis / Under The Red Cloud
still good from their new era.

- Alchemist / Organasm
Still brilliant

Also checked out:

- Oranssi Pazuzu / Mestarin Kynsi (a disappointment, as far as I'm concerned)
You're on crack about disappointment.
What's your view on the brand new Ulcerate?

- Waste of Space Orchestra / Syntheosis (veeery cool Pazuzu-related project I was totally unaware of until a few days ago)
I need to scrobble this

- Umpfel / As the Waters Cover the Sea (pretty impressive sort of math/modern progmetal - yet fairly accessible; band hails from Kristiansand so you know they must be good)
where In the Woods / Green Carnation come from?
new Green Carnation album this weekend!!!
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