Re: Zed Yago/Jutta Weinhold

Date:2020-05-07 20:16:18
In Reply To:Zed Yago/Jutta Weinhold by T.J. Swoboda
T.J. Swoboda proclaimed:
I was just watching some old MTV tapes here, including the 1989 Halloween Headbangers Ball, and in 2020 I just heard Zed Yago. I don't feel so bad since their name inspired Kevin to say "Who?" as late as 2007 :) , but I know I saw at least some of this Halloween Headbangers Ball when it aired over three decades ago, and I have no memory of Zed Yago.

This song was sung in 1988 by a 41 year old woman, Jutta Weinhold. Apparently, she's still fronting the band Velvet Viper in her 70s. I have some music to investigate, apparently. That's a little easier now, versus if that song had jumped out at me back then...
Jutta is a German scene veteran, like a female German Dio, her recording career spanning back to the mid-70s. It's often said her first venture into metal was Zed Yago, but really it was with Breslau when she got into harder rock music. I never got on board with Velvet Viper, but I really liked those first two Zed Yago albums - the second one, "Pilgrimage" is my favorite, but I like the debut too, especially the title track. My favorite track off those two recors has to be "The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire." The revamped Zed Yago records without her are nothing good, even though they somehow managed to rustle Tony Carey to play keyboards...
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