Re: Does anybody else work in essential services?

Author:Chris F5
Date:2020-03-24 01:08:34
In Reply To:Re: Does anybody else work in essential services? by Kevin Madden
Kevin Madden proclaimed:
Do you have to directly interact with the people receiving/unloading your cargo? That's the part I would be concerned about. You can manage the refueling yourself with gloves/soap water, but the loading dock people...dunno.
I deal with very few people at my stops(my particular company stops have forbidden interaction between truckers and people on the dock..someone takes our paperwork..we back in..we get paperwork when done..

Gyms are closed so no interaction there
Truck stops are the problem,especially when obese ass goober super trucler joe comes waddling in and decides to use the urinal right next to the guy at ybe end and proceed to start hacking(the other guy,while holding his dick in his left hand knocked the blob out with one entertainment for the month)
I either pull over and pee on the side of the road or hold it till I get my shower

As the safety supervisor it's a few things I have instructed the fleet to do..if its 1 pee on the side of the road ..

I was able to obtain 3 bottles or hair sanitizer and I had a stash of good masks(the "surgical " masks made in asia are of better quality and from what my sister told me does a better job than most made here (not the 95s)if only going inside somewhere on a limited basis.

The one thing that we don't have a procedure for yet if worse case scenario one of us gets sick..where to quarantine..
We are trying to find out because unfortunately there is a chance someone will get this among us..

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