Re: My list of recommended releases for 2019 so far

Author:John Frank
Date:2020-03-22 14:54:19
In Reply To:Re: My list of recommended releases for 2019 so far by Pirage
Battle Beast - No More Hollywood Endings
Surprised but good to see this here.
I like their previous disc too.
Enforcer - Zenith
Disappointing for me.
Yeah, me too, but I dig five songs on it, so it's good enough.
Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos
One of my faves..
Yeah, surprisingly good.
Metalite - Biomechanicals
Your acceptance of ppoppy melody is admirable Mr Frank!
Weird, huh? I think Ember Falls has helped me occasionally dig the big pop cheese vocals. Love Ember Falls.
Rockett Love - Greetings from Rocketland
Erik produced this did you know?
Maybe? Who can say, really. (I like too much music.)
Savage Messiah - Demons
English boys killer yet again.
First I have liked from them in a while.
Vltimas - Something Wicked Marches In
Interesting that this makes it as you normally hate Morbid Angel or similar.
Yeah, it's odd, but I certainly own my share of normal death.
Apart from my comments we obviously had a fuckton of overlap. All good Mr. Frank.

"It's not exactly a horrible album, but it's no better than something by, I dunno, Pagan's Mind or some other shirt-tucking nerdprog band." - Matt Johnsen of Pharaoh
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