My list of recommended releases for 2019 so far

Author:John Frank
Date:2020-03-21 17:33:50
Edited:2020-03-21 18:03:30
Here is what I have for 2019 so far - 492 releases that I like. This already exceeds my total for 2018, and I have yet to start going through the several thousand (just guessing on the total) other albums I have encountered on blogs throughout 2019. For the first time, I tried to keep up on weekly releases and check things out as they were released though, so I likely will not come up with as many titles from the blogs as I usually do.

All I know about these titles is that I find them worthwhile. I have no idea regarding rankings.

The Absence - Walking Shadows EP
Accursed Spawn - The Virulent Host
Acid Reign - The Age of Entitlement
Acroma - Duo EP
Acroma - Tribus EP
Acroma - Unum EP
Act of Destruction - Beyond Eternity
Ad Patres - A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments
Aenigmatum - s/t
Aenimus - Dreamcatcher
Aephanemer - Prokopton
Aerith - The Cosmic Winds EP
Aerodyne - Damnation
Aether Void - Curse of Life
Aggravator - s/t EP
The Agonist - Orphans
Aihos - Hävityksen maa
Ray Alder - What the Water Wants
Algebra - Pulse?
Alkira - The Pulse EP
Allagash - Cryptic Visions
Allegaeon - Apoptosis
Altar of Oblivion - The Seven Spirits
Alter Bridge - Walk the Sky
Amanita Virosa - Original Plague
Ancalagon - Noctopoth
Ancient Empire - Wings of the Fallen
Angel Witch - Angel of Light
Ankhara - Sinergia
Anoxia - To the Lions
Anthares - Addicted to Chaos
Anthem - Nucleus
Anticosm - The Call of the Void
Any Given Day - Overpower
Arch-Matheos - Winter Ethereal
Archons - Buried underneath the Lies
Arctos - Beyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands
Artificial Language - Now We Sleep
The Art of Mankind - Gods of Slaughter EP
As I Lay Dying - Shaped by Fire
Aspherium - The Embers of Eternity
Astral Doors - Worship or Die
Astralborne - Eternity's End
Astrophobos - Malice of Antiquity
Athanasia - The Order of the Silver Compass
Atlantean Kodex - The Course of Empire
Atlas Entity - Beneath the Cosmic Silence
Auras - Binary Garden
Avandra - Descender
Avslut - Tyranni
Axe Toss - Deception
Baest - Venenum
Barshasketh - s/t
Basilysk - Emergence
Bask - III
Battle Beast - No More Hollywood Endings
Beast in Black - From Hell with Love
Belenos - Argoat
Belzebubs - Pantheon of the Nightside Gods
Bestial Invasion - Monomania
Beyond Fiction - Inherent Perception
Black Oak County - Theatre of the Mind
Black Sites - Exile
The Bleeding - Morbid Prophecy
Bleeding Utopia - Where the Light Comes to Die
Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race
Born of Osiris - The Simulation
Brootal Beefcake - Based on True Events
Brotthogg - Echoes of the Past
Bystander - A Controlled Narrative
Caecus - A Parting Current
Candlemass - The Door to Doom
Capilla Ardiente - The Siege
Carnal Forge - Gun to Mouth Salvation
Catarsis Incarne - Abiogénesis Libro III
Cathartic Demise - s/t EP
Cellar Darling - The Spell
Centrilia - In the Name of Nothing
Ceremony of Silence - Outis
Cerveteri - Arabesque
Chemikill - Edge of Wasteland
Chevalier - Destiny Calls
Children of Bodom - Hexed
Cloak - The Burning Dawn
Cognizance - Malignant Dominion
Contrarian - Their Worm Never Dies
Control the Storm - Forevermore
Controversial - Revelation
Convictors - Atrocious Perdition
Corroded - Bitter
Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love
Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild
Creature - Contes Funèbres
Crepuscle - Heavenly Skies
Crimson Storm - Outrageous EP
Critical Defiance - Misconception
Crusadist - The Unholy Grail
Crypt Sermon - The Ruins of Fading Light
Crystal Eyes - Starbourne Traveler
Crystal Viper - Tales of Fire and Ice
Damage S.F.P. - s/t
Damnation Defaced - The Devourer
The Dark Element - Songs the Night Sings
Darkwater - Human
Deaf Rat - Ban the Light
Death Angel - Humanicide
Deathless - The Prophecy
Deathspell Omega - The Furnaces of Palingenesia
Decipher - Of Fire and Brimstone EP
Deivos - Casus Belli
De Lirium's Order - Singularity
Demiurgon - The Oblivious Lure
Deorc Absis - The Nothingness Transfiguration EP
Depravity - Evil Upheaval
Depressed - Beyond the Putrid Fiction
Desecravity - Anathema
Deserted Fear - Drowned by Humanity
Destrage - The Chosen One
Destroyers of All - The Vile Manifesto
Destruction - Born to Perish
Detraktor - Grinder
Devastruction - Space Force One
Diabolical Mental State - Diabolical World
Diabolic Night - Beyond the Realm
Dialith - Extinction Six
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train
Dirt - Low Life EP
Disaster - Rituales de Sangre
Disentomb - The Decaying Light
Disillusion - The Liberation
Dissorted - The Final Divide
Diviner - Realms of Time
Dizastra - Elder Sun
Dizzy Mystics - Wanderlost
Domination Inc. - Memoir 414
Downfall of Gaia - Ethic of Radical Finitude
Dreadnought - Emergence
Dreams of the Drowned - Dreams of the Drowned I
Dream Troll - Second to None
Druids - Monument
Dust Bolt - Trapped in Chaos
Dysrhythmia - Terminal Threshold
E-an-na - Nesfârşite
Eclipse - Paradigm
Edge of Paradise - Universe
Electronomicon - The Age of Lies
Elephant Watchtower - The Church Is at Fault EP
Eluveitie - Ategnatos
Embrace of Disharmony - De Rervm Natvra
Embrional - Evil Dead
Emerge - A New Horizon
Enemynside - Chaos Machine
Enforced - At the Walls
Enforcer - Zenith
Envenomed - The Walking Shred
Equipoise - Demiurgus
Eradikator - Obscura
Essence of Datum - Spellcrying Machine
Eternal Storm - Come the Tide
Eugenic Death ‎– Under the Knife
Euphoria - Nanotech
The Even Order - The Awakening
Event Relentless - Circle
Evergrey - The Atlantic
Excuse - Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos
Exhorder - Mourn the Southern Skies
Exmortus - Legions of the Undead EP
Extinction - The Apocalypse Mark
Exumer - Hostile Defiance
Exxocet - Mighty Jungle
Eye of the Enemy - Titan
Ezra Brooks - Gods, Men, and Death EP
Fallujah - Undying Light
Fanthrash - Kill the Phoenix
Fear of Domination - Metanoia
Feradur - Legion
Ferndal - Singularitaten
Fields of Elysium - In Ancient Contemplation
Fit for an Autopsy - The Sea of Tragic Beasts
5Rand - Dark Mother
The Flaying - Angry Undead
Fleshmeadow - Daymares
Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos
Flub - s/t
Foredoomed - Chaos and Beauty
Foul Body Autopsy - The Unquiet Dead EP
Fractal Universe - Rhizomes of Insanity
Fragmentum - Pugnacity
Freakings - Rise of Violence
Freighter - The Den
Frenzy - Blind Justice
From Crisis to Collapse - The Seventh Tree EP
Frosthelm - Pyrrhic
Funeral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions
Fusion Bomb - Concrete Jungle
Galaxy - Lost from the Start EP
Gatekeeper - Grey Maiden EP
Geoda - Here and Now
Gjendød - Krigsdøger
Godeater - All Flesh Is Grass
Gone in April - Shards of Light
Gothic Stone - Haereticum Empyreum
Grand Magus - Wolf God
Gravefields - Embrace the Void
The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism
Hannes Grossmann - Apophenia
Harbinger - Compelled to Suffer
Hath - Of Rot and Ruin
Hatriot - From Days unto Darkness
Haunt - If Icarus Could Fly
Haunt - Mosaic Vision EP
Haunter - Sacramental Death Qualia
Helhorse - Hydra
Hellripper - Black Arts & Alchemy EP
Hidden Lapse - Butterflies
Horizon's End - Skeleton Keys
Horrified - Sentinel EP
Horror God - Cursed Seeds
Hour of Penance - Misotheism
Human - Alziarin Refraction
Iapetus - The Body Cosmic
I Built the Sky - The Zenith Rise
Idle Hands - Mana
Illyrian - The Entity Unknown
Immanifest - Macrobial
Immortal Bird - Thrive on Neglect
In Aevum Agere - Canto III
Inanimate Existence - Clockwork
Infant Annihilator - The Battle of Yaldabaoth
Infected Rain - Endorphin
Infernal Conjuration - Infernale Metallum Mortis
Infinitas - Infernum
In Flames - I, The Mask
Injury - Parasite EP
In Mourning - Garden of Storms
Insomnium - Heart Like a Grave
Insurrection - Circles of Despair
Intruder Inc. - Deviation Formula
Invicta - Halls of Extinction
Ire & Uprise - Penumbra
Iron Kingdom - On the Hunt
Iron Savior - Kill or Get Killed
Isole - Dystopia
Kaleikr - Heart of Lead
Karmatik - Unlimited Energy
Ketzer - Cloud Collider
Killer of Gods - Alliance of the Damned Fortress
Killswitch Engage - Atonement
King - Coldest of Cold
Lance King - Reprogram
Klaw - LightCrusher
Kryptos - Afterburner
Laetitia in Holocaust - Fauci tra Fauci
Lahmia - Resilience
Lantern - Lost Paragraphs EP
Last Crack - The Up Rising
The Last Reign - Prelude EP
Legion of the Damned - Slaves of the Shadow Realm
Leverage - Determinus
Liv Sin - Burning Sermons
Lord Dying - Mysterium Tremendum
The Lord Weird Slough Feg - New Organon
Lowest Creature - Sacrilegious Pain
Lucis Absentia - Gehenna Gate
Lunar Shadow - The Smokeless Fires
Maelstrom Aeterna - Hellweaver
Magnabolt - s/t
Majesty of Revival - Timeless
Maniac Abductor - Casualties of Causality
Manifestic - Anonymous Souls
Mardom - Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Martyrium - Children Scream for Mercy
Mefitis - Despair EP
Mefitis - Emberdawn
Membrance - Morality's Collapse
Messora - The Door EP
Metalian - Vortex
Metalite - Biomechanicals
Method - Definition of Method
Mgla - Age of Excuse
M.I.GOD. - Specters on Parade
Millennium - A New World
Mimesis - s/t
Mirror - Pyramid of Terror
Misshapen - Transcendence EP
Molten Chains - In the Antechamber Below EP
Monasterium - Church of Bones
Moon Tooth - Crux
Moonlight Haze - De Rerum Natura
Mortal Scepter - Where Light Suffocates
Motanka - s/t
Mustan Kuun Lapset - Valo
Myrath - Shehili
Myrkgand - Old Mystical Tales
Mysterizer - Invisible Enemy
Mystik - s/t
Nadsvest - Kolo ognja i železa EP
Nedxxx - s/t
Needless - Heresy
Nemesis Alpha - Eternal Machines
Netherbird - Into the Vast Uncharted
A New Tomorrow - Universe
Nightrage - Wolf to Man
Nihility - Thus Spoke the Antichrist
The Noctambulant - The Cold and Formless Deep
Noctambulist - Atmospheres of Desolation
Nocturnal Breed - We Only Came for the Violence
Nocturnus A.D. - Paradox
No One Knows What the Dead Think - s/t
North of South - The Dogma & The Outsider
Nova Charisma - Exposition I EP
Noveria - Aequilibrium
Nucleus - Entity
The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Wild Gods
Nylithia - Goddamn, Type 1 EP
Oath of Cruelty - Summary Execution at Dawn
Oblivion - s/t
Obscure Infinity - Evocation of Chaos (compilation)
Obscure Infinity - Into the Vortex of Obscurity
Obsequiae - The Palms of Sorrowed Kings
Obsidian Tide - Pillars of Creation
The Odious - Vesica Piscis
The Offering - Home
Olathia - Snake Charmer
Old Night - A Fracture in the Human Soul
Omicida - Defrauded Reign
Omnisium - Celestial Filicide EP
Omophagia - 646965
Oni - Alone EP
Onydia - Reflections
Orpheus Omega - Wear Your Sins
Paladin - Ascension
Pandemonium - Monuments of Tragedy
Pandorium - The Eye of the Beholder
Pangaea - Vespr
Parkcrest - ...and That Blue Will Turn to Red
Pectora - Untaken
Pena de Muerte - Brown Pride
Pensees Nocturnes - Grand Guignol Orchestra
Periphery - IV Hail Stan
Pervy Perkin - Comedia-Inferno
Pitchblack - All Black
Planet Hell - Mission Two
Poil - Sus
Possessed - Revelations of Oblivion
Power Theory - Force of Will
Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness
The Prophet - Essence
Pythia - The Solace of Ancient Earth
Queensryche - The Verdict
Rage in My Eyes - Ice Cell
Raiju - Non Sequitur
Raised Fist - Anthems
Ram - The Throne Within
Ratbreed - Evoke the Blaze
Ravager - Thrashletics
The Raven Age - Conspiracy
Ravensire - A Stone Engraved in Red
Red Handed Denial - Redeemer
Red Razor - The Revolution Continues
Reign of Fury - Exorcise Reality
Remains - Chaos & Light
Rhodium - Sea of the Dead
Rimfrost - Expedition: Darkness
Rings of Saturn - Gidim
Riot City - Burn the Night
Ripper - Sensory Stagnation EP
Risen Prophecy - Voices from the Dust
Rockett Love - Greetings from Rocketland
Ruins of the Past - Alchemy of Sorrow - Gold EP
Ruler - Descent into Hades
Sabateur - Vicious Circle
Sadistic Ritual - Visionaire of Death
Saints of Sin - s/t
Sandveiss - Saboteur
Sanhedrin - The Poisoner
Sarcasm - Esoteric Tales of the Universe
Savage Messiah - Demons
Schammasch - Hearts of No Light
SchattenMann - Epidemie
The Scourge - Warrant for Execution
Scream! - s/t
Screamer - Highway of Heroes
Scythelord - Asclepius EP
Seax - Fallout Rituals
Seducer's Embrace - Solidarity
Sellsword - …Unto the Breach
Sermon - Birth of the Marvellous
Serpent of Gnosis - As I Drink from the Infinite Well of Inebriation
Seven Kingdoms - Empty Eyes EP
Shabti - Trembling and Shorn
Shadecrown - Riven
Shokran - Ethereal
Shores of Elysium - Verminborne
Shrapnel - Decade of Decimation EP
Shredhead - Live Unholy
Shumaun - One Day Closer to Yesterday
Sijjin - Angel of the Eastern Gate EP
Silver Bullet - Mooncult
Singularity - Place of Chains
Sinners Bleed - Absolution
Sins of the Damned - Striking the Bell of Death
Skelator - Cyber Metal
Slaegt - Black Bombs EP
Smoulder - Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
Snooze - Familiaris
Soen - Lotus
Soilwork- Verkligheten
Solace - The Brink
Sölicitör - s/t EP
Solipsismo - Festival de la Resurrección EP
Soothsayer - Death Radiation
Source - Spelling Swords EP
Species - The Monument of Envy EP
Spirit Adrift - Divided by Darkness
Starborn - Savage Peace
Statement - Force of Life
Steel Prophet - The God Machine
Stone Leaders - s/t
Strung Out - Songs of Armor and Devotion
Suffering Hour - Dwell EP
Suhnopfer - Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes
Suicidal Angels - Years of Aggression
Sunroad - Heatstrokes
Superstition - The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation
Sweet Oblivion ft. Geoff Tate - s/t
Take Offense - Keep an Eye Out
Tanagra - Meridiem
Tardigrade Inferno - Mastermind
Temple Balls - Untamed
Tenebra Arcana - Martiri Dell Odio
Teramaze - Are We Soldiers
Terminus - A Single Point of Light
Terrific Verdict - Wheel of Fortune
ThirdMoon - Terrarum Exuviae
1349 - The Infernal Pathway
Thornhill - The Dark Pool
Thunder and Lightning - Demonicorn
Titan Killer - s/t
Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance
Tormenta - Batismo da Dor
Toxikull - Cursed and Punished
Traveler - s/t
Trecelence - For I Am the Eyes EP
Turbokill - Vice World
Tyr - Hel
Tytus - Rain after Drought
Undeath - The Compilation of Decomposition
Under the Pledge of Secrecy - Empire of Bastards
Unfathomable Ruination - Enraged & Unbound
Unorthodox - Maze of Existence
Unprocessed - Artificial Void
Uriel - Multiverse
Urn - Iron Will of Power
Vale of Pnath - Accursed
Various Artists - Trapped under Ice Compilation
Victims of Contagion - Lamentations of the Flesh Bound
Vigilance - Enter the Endless Abyss
Vikram - Behind the Mask I
Visigoth - Bells of Awakening EP
Vitriol - To Bathe from the Throat of Cowardice
Vltimas - Something Wicked Marches In
Vorna - Sateet Palata Saavat
Voyager - Colours in the Sun
Vulture - Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves
Vultures Vengeance - The Knightlore
WAIT - We Are in Transit EP
Walkways - Bleed Out Heal Out
Wandering Oak - Passage Elemental
Warchest - Sentenced Since Conception
War Curse - Eradication
Warpath - A Hell to Behold
Weresquatch - The Maddening Memoirs
West of Hell - Blood of the Infidel
Wheel - Moving Backwards
White Mantis - Sacrifice Your Future
Wilderun - Veil of Imagination
WildHeart - No Love
Winter Eternal - Realm of the Bleeding Shadows
Winterwolf - Lycanthropic Metal of Death
Witch Vomit - Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave
Wormed - Metaportal EP
Wormwitch - Heaven That Dwells Within
Wormwood - Nattarvet
Wraith - Absolute Power
Wraiths - The Evergreen to Ash
Wreck-Defy - Remnants of Pain
Wretched Fate - Fleshletting
Wrought of Obsidian - Children of a Shattered Infinity
Xaon - Solipsis
Xentrix - Bury the Pain
Xoth - Interdimensional Invocations


Aerith - "True Survivor"
Autumn - Stacking Smoke ("The Phantom Limb", "Stacked Smoke", "Blackout")
Avantasia - Moonglow ("Alchemy")
Burning Witches – ""Wings of Steel"
Crashdïet - Rust ("Rust")
Cyhra - No Halos in Hell ("Out of My Life")
DeVicious - Reflections ("Long Way Home", "Never Let You Go", "Desire")
Edge of Forever - Native Soul ("Native Soul", "Carry On", "Take Your Time")
Herman Frank - Fight the Fear ("Fear")
Haunt​ - Seven Sisters Split ("Sea of Dreams")
Haunt​ - Fortress Split ("A Fool's Paradise")
Inglorious - Ride to Nowhere ("Where Are You Now?")
Lindemann - F & M ("Steh Auf", "Knebel")
Moon Chamber - Lore of the Land ("When Stakes Are High")
The Nomad - "Seeds of Life"
No Name Faces - Walls of Anxiety ("Walls of Anxiety")
Platinum Overdose - Murder in High Heels ("Pretty & Punk", "Out on the Run")
Redline - Gods and Monsters ("Empires")
Restless Spirits - s/t ("Stop Livin' to Live Online", "Live to Win")
South Haven - "Dancing in Nightmares", "Sweet Suffering"
Spread Eagle - Subway to the Stars ("Sound of Speed")
Starbreaker - Dysphoria ("Pure Evil")
Stargazer - The Sky Is the Limit ("The Sky Is the Limit", "I'm the One")
Tungsten - We Will Rise ("We Will Rise")
Tygers of Pan Tang - Ritual ("Worlds Apart", "White Lines")
Vaelmyst - "Disparaging Whispers of Wistful Flesh"
Varathron - Rotting Christ Split - Duality of the Unholy Existence ("Shaytan")

"It's not exactly a horrible album, but it's no better than something by, I dunno, Pagan's Mind or some other shirt-tucking nerdprog band." - Matt Johnsen of Pharaoh
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