Re: Best/Worst of the first quarter of 2020

Date:2020-03-19 09:27:33
Edited:2020-03-19 11:55:19
In Reply To:Best/Worst of the first quarter of 2020 by Nosferatwo
We've nearly reached the point of being a quarter of the way through this year, so now seems like a good time to take stock of what music has given us so far. Maybe it can get some discussion going.
So far it has been a really dissapointing year. Psychotic Waltz, Demons and Wizards, Dark Fortress, Intronaut (will try again) My Dying Bride (will try again, maybe I wasn't in the mood) Orm all dissapointed and even Ihsahn didn't get me hard. However, there are a few highlights:

Invictus - Catacombs of Fear
Excellent traditional death metal with tons of grooves.

Necrowretch - The Ones From Hell
Old school evil stuff, that reminds me of a crude version of Dissection. It grooves and it's evil... two important traits for this type of music.

Unreqvited - Mosaic II: La Detesté et la Détresse
Very atmospheric black metal. Quite interesting after a few spins, but I'm not sure it will hold up.

Sutrah - Dunes
Technical death metal with a middle eastern vibe without it being their selling point. The album is not a masterpiece by any stretch, but very enjoyable if you like the genre.

Aethyrick - Gnosis
Solid atmospheric black metal from Finland.

Aronius - Perspicacity
Nice tech death from Wisconsin USA. So far, this is the best album of the year, but I don't expect it to last.

Sepultura - Quadra
Yes... when Sepultura is a highlight it is not looking well, but Quadra is surprisingly solid and coherent. Easily their best since Roots.

I'm really looking forward to the full releases of these:
Myrkur - Folkesange
The singles have been nothing short of spectacular. Could be my favorite album of the year. The black metal seems to be gone from this album, which is fine by me if it's this good.

Symbolik - Emergence
Technical death metal with tons of neoclassical influences, and it freaking works. It has been a looong time coming, but this one man band is finally close. Based on the singles, this could also easily by my top album of the year.

Besides that, Mekong Delta, Katatonia, Caligulas Horse, Aborted, Conception, Testament, Heaven Shall Burn all seem to have promising albums on the way.
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