Re: Best/Worst of the first quarter of 2020

Date:2020-03-18 16:28:57
In Reply To:Re: Best/Worst of the first quarter of 2020 by DaveG

Lychgate - Also Sprach Futura EP

everything these guys have put out has been great and this might be their best material yet.
Three songs plus extended intro.
Really damn good songs and intro.
Looking forward to full length.

Spectral Lore/Mare Cognitum - Wanderers

Atmospheric/cosmic black metal split that like two hours long. Mare Cognitum are a way better band than Spectral Lore imo, but SL have their moments on this split and there's tons of variety and atmosphere here, especially in terms of what black metal usually offers.

Quasarborn - A Pill Hard to Swallow

I don't hype up my friends just because they are my friends, but these guys are buddies and really fucking good. They start off with a great base of progressive thrash metal riffage and combine it with more modern, intricate, and hugely melodic influences. This is the direction thrash needs to head towards if it doesn't want to die.


Demons & Wizards and Psychotic Waltz.

Both plodding and not living up to their past music.
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