Re: Best/Worst of the first quarter of 2020

Author:Mark P.
Date:2020-03-16 20:02:13
In Reply To:Best/Worst of the first quarter of 2020 by Nosferatwo
We've nearly reached the point of being a quarter of the way through this year, so now seems like a good time to take stock of what music has given us so far. Maybe it can get some discussion going.
I didn’t hear anything that is granting repeated listens so far. I am enjoying Demons & Wizards for what it is, an unspectacular version of an Iced Earth albums with Hansi’s vocals. And the new Ihsahn EP.

That’s pretty much it for me. I am looking for the new Steven Wilson record. And I am psyched by a new The Sole Pursuit album. Their 2017 album was amazing.
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