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Date:2020-03-15 21:03:16
In Reply To:My picks: by Nosferatwo
: The Worst Stuff:

Delain - Apocalypse & Chill (Very modern like the last Within Temptation, but I didn't hear the hooks. Boring, with a stupid title)
Wow. Really disagree. Hooks galore.

Albums I rate at 8.5/10 or higher from the first quarter are listed below. There's still a few albums that could make the 8.5 and over list for me though as they are sitting on 8/10 or thereabouts or stuff I haven't heard yet until the end of March.

Brothers of Metal - Emblas Saga
Frogg - A Reptilian Dystopia (EP)
Victorius - Space Ninjas From Hell
Amberian Dawn - Looking For You
Shiraz Lane - Vibration I (EP)
H.E.A.T - H.E.A.T II
Allen Olzon - Worlds Apart
Khymera - Master Of Illusions
The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic

Worst? Well I don't bathe in negativity like your good self. I move on..

Having said that the Anvil album is horrendous... :-)

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