Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 03/12

Date:2020-03-12 15:33:09
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 03/12 by Matt Johnsen
Smoulder - Dream Quest Ends

Female-fronted blend of trad and doom. I want to like it more but the vocals limit my enjoyment. Also, a lot of the same plodding tempos.
Yes, they're kind of overrated. Not sure why they're so hot, although I guess it's because they check off all the epic metal boxes that today's hip retro fans look for. "A Manilla Road cover? I see you're a band of taste! I also have good taste."
Sarah's profile as a Banger Films whatevertheycallthemselves on the YouTube channel probably does it. Smoulder's stuff has potential. If Potential turns into kinetic, yeay? If it just stays the same, meh.
also, anyone worried about concert cancellations? I'm supposed to see Devin Townsend/The Contortionist/Haken tomorrow...
I have tickets and airfare to Blades of Steel in Milwaukee in a month, and Keep it True in Germany a couple weeks after that, and I have a sinking feeling that I won't be seeing Realm on either occasion, or any other band for that matter. The German trip is also a family vacation and is meant to be my son's first time out of the US, so I guess unless all travel is restricted, we'll still go, but I'm steeled to the real possibility that I'm going to be eating three round trip tickets to Europe. Oof.

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