Re: COVID-19's Effects on music and touring

Date:2020-03-12 14:44:34
In Reply To:COVID-19's Effects on music and touring by BenMech
Even more festivals and tours will certainly be cancelled along the way. There's only so much time before they'll have to make decisions on calling off the big summer festivals. It's inevitable that some bands will have to find something else to do if they can't make money on the road. Whether they all come back or not when the crisis dies down is uncertain.

I think another effect will be that if there are a lot of bands not able to head out on the road for a while, we're going to see an even bigger glut of new records in the making. If you can't tour, you've got the free time to write and record. As busy as things are now, they will probably be even busier when things get back up and running.
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