So I parsed this and decided...

Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2020-02-14 20:32:36
Edited:2020-02-14 20:35:19
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 02/13 by Matt Johnsen

Rust in Peace is super overrated. It's not even as good as SFSGSW. grok it deeply by listening to them both and really thinking about it.

My results: They're essentially the same album. They open with two really strong songs, and end with something really strong, and the in-between is a mixed bag.

So let's break it down:

1. Into The Lungs Of Hell/Set The World Afire vs Holy Wars/Hangar 18:

Yes, Holy Wars is a better song than ItLoH, but it's still a pretty cool instrumental. Hangar 18 is a cool tune. Set the World Afire is a cooler tune. So far, equal.

2. Take No Prisoners vs Anarchy in the USA:

Take No Prisoners is a mediocre 'Deth song. Anarchy is a too-serious, not-punk-enough cover. TNP.

3. Mary Jane vs. Five Magics:

Mary Jane is a better song, but the delivery is terrible. Five Magics is OK, and well-delivered. Pick 'em.

4. Poison Was The Cure vs. 502:

Both equally pointless filler. Tie.

5. In My Darkest Hour vs. Lucretia:

A powerful requiem for Cliff vs. the most pointless song in the entire 'Deth catalog up 'til that point. We all know Marty can solo. IMDH.

6. Dawn Patrol vs. Liar:

Liar isn't a great song, but come on, Dawn Patrol simply proves that Ellefson has really cool bass tone while sailing through its pointlessness. Liar.

7. Rust In Peace vs. Hook In Mouth:

RIP is a fine closer. Hook In Mouth is the best song on either album.

RIP sounds much, much better, and apparently fewer drugs were involved. RIP also has professional-level drumming, which is not something SFSGSW can claim. Those two statements are probably connected.

Marty's soloing is better. Dave's soloing is equally as mediocre, with the exception of the home run at the end of Holy Wars.

So RIP is probably a better listening experience, but most of that isn't song quality. SFSGSW has three songs left from the initial "I hate Metallica with the fiber of my being" writing sessions that led to the first three records, and while they're not the best ones, they're still pretty damn good.

I don't know that I can support Big's argument, but it's closer than most people think. Oh, and don't listen to either of them on streaming services, as all they have is the Mustaine "remasters" that are really remixes, which are further proof that Mustaine should have no control over anything in his career other than songwriting.

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