I do, after all, look in a mirror and yell "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!!!" on a daily basis now!

Date:2020-02-14 02:44:58
In Reply To:Ozzy was younger than I am now during the No More Tours Tour. *That's* how old we all are. (nt) by T.J. Swoboda
And, I assume considering how long she's been in your signature, that sports bra and short shorts chick must be just about old enough at this point to start yelling at kids to get off her lawn! ::bonkers::::porkchops:: ::bonkers:: ::porkchops::

squarooticus proclaimed:
If we're constantly throwing around accusations of racist this and racist that instead of dispassionately analyzing the conditions that got us into this mess, we're going to spend all our time shouting at each other instead of fixing the problem.
Genghis Grim proclaimed:
I've been on the floor with the Reverend Real, Casual Observer and Ldooche and didn't even get a fucking Smithfield Ham for Christmas.
Ldooche proclaimed:
You are mind is fried
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