Remember when I said I would retire from trolling? That was god damn lie, and you are very upset about it.

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2020-02-11 23:27:07
In Reply To:Bands: Lying vs Honesty by Nosferatwo
But seriously, the bands aren't the problem, you people are. When those bands first decided to retire, they were in their 70s. Almost dead, basically. Surely they assumed there could be no further demand for their services. It's very similar to banging 70 year old prostitutes (I would imagine). Why would anyone want that? Surely this was no lie on their parts.

But they were wrong! Now these bands are in their 90s and you people keep BEGGING for more from them. So they return, because old people don't have a lot of money. What is wrong with you? It's almost as if old people like yourselves cannot recognize how old other people are. Do 90 year olds still look like 20 year olds in the eyes of 70 year olds? Is that the phenomenon that's happening here?

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