Re: Bands: Lying vs Honesty

Date:2020-02-11 17:03:05
Edited:2020-02-11 17:08:40
In Reply To:Re: Bands: Lying vs Honesty by John Frank
I had a somewhat large friend who was a big fan of fast food, particularly a nearby Wendy's. He went there often enough that they would mess up his order a noticeable percentage of the time. Each time he would get huffy and yell about how he was never going back there again. Guess what happened less than a week later, every time.

I had a metalhead friend who assumed that whatever he was into at any given moment would be his favorite thing forever. Examples include liking extreme metal or not (he once insisted that he would never buy an extreme metal album again because he got an Amon Amarth album he didn't like), whether he would ever listen to particular bands again, which bands were definitely his favorite, and so on. None of them ever stuck.

I have a single, serial-dater friend who loves to go on and on about how she's definitely not going to talk to this or that douche that pissed her off recently, and you can guess what happens a month or two later.

etc. etc.

EDIT: What drives me crazy about this stuff is NOT that people change their minds or forget that they said something or that what they want to do today is the opposite of what they wanted to do yesterday. That's human nature. What drives me up the wall is the way people act like their current mood somehow becomes their permanent mindset and then act confused when their contradictions get pointed out. Do what you want all you want, just stop acting like how what you want to do right now is what you'll want to do forever. And the reason I care more about this with people I know than when it's done by celebrities is because they're people I spend substantial time with and interact with a lot, whereas with famous people I can just turn off the screen.
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