Re: Bands: Lying vs Honesty

Date:2020-02-11 15:45:29
In Reply To:Re: Bands: Lying vs Honesty by Crumpet Ogler
I believe they meant it at the time.

It's much more likely that underneath all the fame, the guys in Motley Crue and other bands are human beings who are susceptible to one of the most universal pitfalls of human nature: the belief that what you feel right now is how you'll always feel, which of course is rarely the case. People loudly proclaim something and then forget they said anything a few months or years later. Virtually everyone I know is like this, it just doesn't get noticed because they're not famous. People change their minds. The difference between us and Motley Crue, etc., is press releases.

I certainly agree that it's short-sighted (a.k.a. stupid) to loudly proclaim that your commercially successful band will "never" do something again, but it's not an insidious strategy. It's just regular stupid.
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