Re: Bands: Lying vs Honesty

Author:Crumpet Ogler
Date:2020-02-11 03:48:12
Edited:2020-02-11 03:50:52
In Reply To:Bands: Lying vs Honesty by Nosferatwo
This weekend I was reading that Kiss is now saying the end of this farewell tour of theirs isn't going to be the end of the band after all.
When did they ever say it was the end of band? Stanley has repeated numerous times the laughable fantasy that both himself and Gene are replaceable and band will continue forever.

What they did say was it's their final world tour and, given their ages and the fact that even Kiss tragics aren't willing to pay to see four fake members, it very likely is their last world tour.

The bigger lie is continuing to call themselves Kiss with two stooges dressed up like Ace and Peter. Not to mention claiming to be 'live' when Stanley's vocals are playback.
This comes on the heels of Motley Crue ripping up their 'legally binding contract' to never play together again.
I believe they meant it at the time. Are you really suggesting otherwise? Was that contract just Stage One of a diabolical master plan to be the warm-up act for a Joan Jett/Poison/Def Leppard stadium tour five years later? Did that plan include Vince Neil becoming a rolly-polly washed-up fatso, wheezing his way through every third line of those classic 'Crue lyrics on the funnel cake circuit with his cover band in the interim? Kudos to them if it did.
Is anyone else sick of bands lying to us, just to squeeze a few more dollars out of our wallets?
Have you really been a victim of these 'lies'? Has anyone? The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
Grow some stones.

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