Bands: Lying vs Honesty

Date:2020-02-09 22:14:27
This weekend I was reading that Kiss is now saying the end of this farewell tour of theirs isn't going to be the end of the band after all. This comes on the heels of Motley Crue ripping up their 'legally binding contract' to never play together again.

Scorpions already pulled the scam with a retirement album and tour that wasn't, and Candlemass once swore they were never going to make another album again.

Is anyone else sick of bands lying to us, just to squeeze a few more dollars out of our wallets?

Then again, there's too much honesty too. Ozzy's new producer was talking about how the new album was put together in three or four days, and Michael Sweet brags about how he writes all of his albums in a week. I don't get why you would say such things, and give people ammunition to say you half-assed a record when it turns out not to be very good.

So maybe bands should just stop talking entirely?

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