Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 02/06

Date:2020-02-08 21:04:28
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 02/06 by Alex
Thanks Ben. Yeah, I had a great time actually. I mostly stuck to "heavier" bands, but when I did touch on bands that I thought were supposed to be softer, I was pleasantly surprised. Like with Van der Graaf Generator & Peter Hammill, or with King Crimson. I'm actually thinking of going back (again) and listening to those bands' full catalog.
(But then there were those like Gentle Giant, or Camel, and others that bored me to tears when I sampled their stuff...)
Fair enough but I like Camel.

Anyway, maybe I'll continue through the 80's. There's a lot of hidden stuff in the NWOBHM era.
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