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Date:2020-01-20 09:27:09
In Reply To:Question For Everyone RE: Lyrics by Nosferatwo
Between mealy-mouthed singers like John Arch, and growlers who put no effort into their diction, we are often exposed to albums that have utterly indecipherable lyrics. I consider the words to be an important part of a song, since that's where the entire message is contained, but I see I may not be on the majority on this issue.

So I'll pose the question to everyone: How/Why are lyrics meaningless to you?
They're a bonus to me. Great lyrics can lift a song up to a next level, but are rarely a factor in my enjoyment of the music.

A couple times over the years, people here have criticized me for not focusing on drumming. A drum track can often (usually) be replaced with something else, and the song itself doesn't change. Replacing the lyrics to a song turns it into something completely different by changing the very meaning of it. So how is drumming more important than the lyrics?
Focus on what you want. I don't see why people would criticise you for not focusing on drumming. To me, drumming is more essential because it's part of the music, the lyrics are just words put on top of it.
Is a good song a good song regardless of the message? Are the NS bands writing great songs if they are advocating the dehumanization of people based on their skin color or religion? If they scream enough you can't understand the words without reading the booklet, does that make their depravity acceptable?
Nazi messages aren't well recieved for me. I will from an ethical perspective reject some obvious shitheads. With that said, I do enjoy some Burzum from time to time, so I guess I'm a hypocrite on that one.
I do however don't care if the band sings about eating intestines from a rotting corpse they just dug out of the ground or if it's another cheesy lyric about love and how they were left out in the rain.
I don't think so. Lyrics are an integral part of a song, and it frustrates me when bands treat them as an afterthought. Every part of a song should matter, and when one part is performed in a way that can't be heard, they are telling us they don't care about it. If they don't care about the words, and they don't matter, why are they writing them? Why not use their voice as 'an instrument' and save themselves the trouble?
Why not just make gutteral sounds instead of growling? Why remove lyrics when some people obviously care? Is that your point?
Cattle Decapitation and Gojira very much define themselves from their lyrics, but don't have really clear vocals. I'd argue you're the one missing out.
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