Date:2020-01-17 20:41:55
In Reply To:Question For Everyone RE: Lyrics by Nosferatwo
There is no one set way of doing art. Any art.

There is no mold of how it should or should not be done.

Painting, literature, music, couture, architecture, cuisine - there are different ways of achieving the objective.

Abstract painting or cubism isn't Dutch Renaissance or French impressionism. James Joyce is nothing like Jonathan Swift. David Lynch is not David Lean. Fritz Lang is not Fritz the Cat.

Sometimes you need a hammer, sometimes a wrench. You can cut a cake with a spoon, but a knife is more appropriate.

A Skyclad song and an L.A. Guns song serve completely different purposes and have completely different incentive and aim.

Van Der Graaf Generator isn't James Brown. There is no right or wrong way here.

A song text can be intricate transcendent poetry or banal pop lyric. It vested with deep insightful meaning, or it can be just a rhythmic tuneful drivel. Each has its audience. Sometimes you need a pickup truck, sometimes a sports car.

Some lyrics are extremely important to both the artist and the listener. Others apparently are not. Sometimes they aren't even needed.

Some music is melody driven. Some is driven by a groove. Some is song-oriented, like pop. Some is rooted in progression, like classical.

Sometimes you can get away with Steve Riley. Sometimes you need Neil Peart.

Sometimes vocals are just another instrument. Sometime they are focal point. Sometimes the lyrics are as important as the melody they convey. Sometimes the vocals don't need melody. Sometimes they do.

There is no one singular way to make and evaluate art. Art is creative possibilities and imaginative variations. It's understanding of perspectives and angles. Art is colors, unless you're colorblind and only see black and white. Putting it into a straight-jacket of convention and form is contrary to its very nature.

There is no blueprint.
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